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As I write this editorial, I note that we are again in the middle of a Week of prayer for Christian Unity. In the past year various attempts have been made by the churches in Barton, towards this Christian Unity. We may set aside a week of prayer for this much desired unity - this is all well and good, but first of all aren't we overlooking something? We first of all need the people in the churches, and then we can unite.
In Barton, as everywhere else, there are many people who belong to the Methodist, the Anglican, the United Reform and the Catholic churches as well as the Salvation Army, this is as far as it goes. These are the people we ought to unite with first - those from our own churches. Then, perhaps, with this added strength we can come together. We may then feel able to extend ourselves even further, those who claim they do not belong, and perhaps, ultimately, they will find they really do belong.
I once heard an elderly couple, who had recently moved into a new district remark that they had had visits from the milkman, the postman, the gas man, the window-cleaner, the electricity man, the grocer, the baker and many others. Do you see any omission in this list?
Well, they were disappointed that, although they had made all these necessary unions, they had not been united with what was to them the most important service of all - the church. No, this was not the respective minister's fault. There were Christians belonging to their particular Church on their doorstep. This situation was no doubt remedied shortly afterwards, but in many cases, Barton included, this sort of incident goes unchecked.
Barton, with the advent of the Humber Bridge, is a community which is expanding rapidly. Newcomers are continualy settling in the town - why, my husband [sic] are the only Barton people in our street. So let's be willing to unite with these newcomers. After all, they are the Barton of tomorrow.


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