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August 17th 1973

Dear Parishioners,
The secret behind the successful working of any democratic government is that when a decision is reached by the appointed democratic process, every member of the community should accept it and be prepared to work for its achievement.
You will have read in last month's edition of the Church in Barton that the decision has been made to adopt the Series 3 Communion Service at all services - at said celebrations immediately, at sung services as soon as the choir has become competent. There is no doubt that this decision is not unanimous, but if we are to give Series 3 a fair chance of success it depends upon every communicant being prepared to throw themselves into it with a ready will.
We now have available for the choir and congregation all the music necessary for the singing of the service, and the choir will be getting down to its work on the settings as soon as the holidays are behind us. Unlike Series 2, it has been decided by the Standing Committee acting for the P.C.C. during the holiday period, that we should provide enough copies of the service with music for the congregation to have them as well. This has only been possible with one setting, that composed by the organists of Canterbury and St. Paul's Cathedrals. We are also planning to have an alternative setting to be brought into use in conjunction with the first at a later date. This is by Patrick Appleford.
In the Autumn editions of The Church in Barton there will be articles about the Series 3 service. Meanwhile I can recommend a book about Series 3 which will be very useful to all interested in following up the subject. It is called 'Sharing in One Bread' by Michael Perry, S.P.C.K. 40p. I shall be glad to obtain copies of this for you.
Yours sincerely,

Darrel Speedy


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