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Series 3 Changes


July 25th 1973

Dear Parishioners,

You will see from other places in this edition of the Church In Barton that the Parochial Church Council has decided to go ahead with the regular use of the Series 3 Service of Holy Communion. This may surprise you when you see the voting figures also printed in this edition, in as much as there was a slight majority (32-26) against its adoption.
Several factors need to be taken into account. First you can see from the figures that those wh attended Series 3 most regularly were the most favourable to it - perhaps this means that increased familiarity brings with it adjustment to the changes.
Secondly, to have kept with Series 2 could well land us in difficulties In three years time when the authority for Series 2 expires - we should then have to adopt Series 3 or go back to the Book of Common Prayer. It's clear from the voting that the great majority would regret this latter step. Thirdly, voting papers were only received from 58 of our communicants - a small proportion of the total number. Can we safely assume the silence of the others is because they are neither strongly for or against? Fifthly [sic], very few thought they would be unable to adjust to Series 3. Finally, there is bound to be regret at the passing of Series 2 with which we have become so familiar during the last six years. Any chanqe in liturgy is bound to take some getting used to, and we hope and trust that when we have all become familiar and accustomed to Series 3 we shall be glad that the Church Council has made this decision.
When Series 2 was brought out it was produced in great haste due to popular demand. There had been insufficient time to provide seasonal material and there were many deficiencies in the language and structure which were only increased by the way in which the Church Assembly altered the text at the last minute. Series 3 may well prove to have supplied the remedy to the shortcomings of its predecessor.
I wish you all a very enjoyable holiday.
Darrel Speedy

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After some considerable discussion at the Parochial Church Council meeting on July 23rd it was decided that the parish would adopt the Series 3 Communion Service and that the Vicar should make arrangements for this as soon as possible.
As a result of this decision, the Series 3 service will be used at all celebrations of Holy Communion except the Parish Communion at St. Mary's. The reason for this delay at the Parish Church at 9.30 am is that time is needed for the choir to practice the new music which the change entails. The date for the new service at the Parish Communion will be announced later.
The Church Council is very grateful to those who completed the questionnaire forms about the Series 3 service.

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Yes to 8 No to 8 Total
Do you prefer the Prayer Book service to Series 2
Yes to 8 Yes 6 No 20
No to 8 Yes 11 No 21
Total Yes 17 No 41
Did you like Series 2 when it first started?
Yes to 8 Yes 16 No 8
No to 8 Yes 22 No 10
Total Yes 38 No 18
Do you like the change in Series 3 of the pronouns to the modern form 'you, your', rather than 'thou', 'thine'?
Yes to 8 Yes 16 No 8
No to 8 Yes 3 No 29
Total Yes 21 [sic] No 37
Do you like the new form of Lord's Prayer in Series 3?
Yes to 8 Yes 15 No 11
No to 8 Yes 1 No 30   Don't know 1
Total Yes 16 No 41
Do you think the new Series 3 will drive people away from attending Church?
Yes to 8 Yes 1 No 25
No to 8 Yes 14 No 17   Don't know 1
Total Yes 15 No 42
Do you think that Series 3 will attract young people?
Yes to 8 Yes 15 No 11
No to 8 Yes 8 No 23;  Don't know 1
Total Yes 23 No 34
Do you think you would get used to Series 3 if the Church decided to use it regularly?
Yes to 8 Yes 26 No 0
No to 8 Yes 20 No 12
Total Yes 46 No 12
[Question 8] If you had a vote in the matter, would you be in favour of using the new Series 3?
Yes 26 No 32  
Total Yes 26 No 32
Attendances at series 3 by those answering YES to the last question: 103
Attendances by those answering NO to the last question: 80


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