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Dear parishioners,
At the monthly meeting of the Parochial Church Council last Monday evening, the members joined together in our celebration of the Holy Communion of the Series 3 service for the first time. We shall repeat this with different alternatives at the February meeting on the 26th.
We've purposely refrained from having any discussion in the Council about the service until we shall have had some opportunity to allow the many changes, particularly in the language, to become slightly less strange.
The shape of the service is very similar to that of Series 2 with which we have now become familiar. Series 2 did show many marks in its wording of having been produced in a great hurry. Series 3, however, is far more than just a polishing up of the edges. There are three main changes:
1. The use of 'thee' and 'thou' and 'thine' has been abandoned in place of the modern forms 'you' and 'your'. I had erpected this to jar badly, but was surprised to find how naturally it came.

2. There has been a great increase in seasonal material, which was almost non-existent in Series 2. This must surely be welcomed as a great increase in our ability to mark the festivals and seasons in the Church's year.

3. Many of the texts which are common to all the churches which use the English language have been made 'common' to every church. This has obvious advantages with the growth of unity and the holding of joint services.
It may be some months at least before the Church Council is in a position to make up its mind whether the parish should adopt the new service. Although this is legally the P.C.C's decision to make, it is also good that as many members of the parish should have an opportunity to erperience the new service as is possible to arrange, and that they should have an opportunity to make their feelings known. For this reason, the P.C.C has decided that the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, which is to be held on March 5th in St. Mary's, will begin at 7 pm with a celebration of Holy Communion according to the New service.

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Now is also the time for us to revise the electoral roll of the parish before the Annual Meeting. The notice of this will be in the Church shortly. If you are not on the roll please ask the Vicar or Mr John Canty, our electoral roll officer, for the necessary form.
yours sincerely,
Darrel Speedy


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