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Population and Development of Barton

In today's paper there are the latest estimated population figures available for June, 1972. These show that the population of Barton has increased by 190 since the previous year's census: this is a rise from 7,530 to 7,720. These figures are already almost eighteen months out of date and in that time very many new houses have been filled especially in the Summerdale, Eastfield Road and Pasture Road developments. The current figure must surely be well over 8,000 people in the town.
As was said at the Civic Society's Annual General Meeting List Saturday, the Society, and the town as a whole, need to keep a watchful eye on the development of the town as well as watching carefully for any threats and opportunities in the present town.
At the same meeting it was heartening to hear that the new Barton town council will have a larger role to play in planning that the present Urban District Council has enjoyed. We heard how the present council has been little more than a clearing house, whereas the Town Council will hav clearly laid down rights to perform on behalf of the community. This will surley [sic] prove to be one of the new council's major functions.
We were also told of the possible designation of a small part of the town as a 'Town Area'. Apparently this would make available certain central government funds for the improvement of buildings within the area's boundaries. We shall look forward to hearing more about this.


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