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Humberside Putting its
Administrative Home in Barton?

One four hundred ton shipment of paper pulp at Barrow Clay Pits wharf hardly makes Barton a rival of the Rotterdam Europort, but then Rome was not built in a day either.
Is there really any likelihood of Humberside finding its administrative home in Barton? It obviously makes sense for the centre of the flew County Council to be at one end of the Bridge or the other for only by the choice of such a site can every part of the County be in reasonable striking distance of the administrative machine. We have the site available if Humberside wishes to find a home here.
It would mean that there was even greater pressure on housing needs in Barton and its environs. It would mean a massive influx of new skills and interests to the neighbourhood. It would put Bartun on the map as never before.


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