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How can the Christian Church be more efficient, useful and meaningful? In a nutshell, this question seems to me, to sum up all that has been said during the various meetings and discussions of the recent Yarborough Deanery Education Week.
Some of the most useful work of the Church can be done in Sunday Schools and among the Young Communicants. We should be aiming to help the children to see the World they live in as God's World and also to see that Christian values and morals are important and necessary if men and women are to live in a right relationship with one another and with God. The process of discovery and learning can be shared by teachers and pupils. It is work which gives c10se and personal contact with young people and through which we can all continue to learn.
WE NEED VOLUNTEERS. The prime need at the moment, for the Church in Barton is for leaders to take over from Mr. and Mrs. Worfolk, arid to continue the good work they have been doing with the Young Communicants. Our thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Worfolk for the excellent work that they have done; they are still available to help with advice if anybody is prepared to take on this vital work of the Church among young people.
Another urgent need is for more Sunday School teachers: preferably mature people whose ideas, attitudes and experience of life can be used to fit young people to take their place in society. The need is particularly urgent because one of our teachers, Dr. Janet Pemberton, is expecting her first baby and will, temporarily, be relinquishing her duties. We wish Dr. Janet well and say thank you for the work done in the Sunday School.
Then there is always the possibility of some of the younger teachers will be moving on, either to colleges or to work in other areas.
I ask you, p1ease, to consider seriously whether you can help in this work, either at St. Chad's or St. Mary's. There are many people, I know, who are already working as hard as they can for both churches. This appeal is not addressed to them, but to those who have the time, energy and vision to start out on something new for them in the name of God and his Church.
There is a meeting of Sunday School teachers on the first Tuesday of every month, in the vestry at St. Mary's, when we plan the programme for the month and talk over ideas together.

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One of the activities the children in the Sunday Schools are undertaking at the moment is the building of a model Church using empty match boxes. In fact, there are three models now under construction so we still need lots of empty match boxes.
One of the things the children will learn from this exercise is something that we all need to be reminded of from time to time namely, that, often all we can do in life is a small task like putting a few bricks in place. If we do that small task in the right way and to the very best of our ability, then those who follow on after us will be able to build upon those foundations. We ourselves may never see the task completed, but any big job in life is only accomplished by the accumulation of many small tasks well done.
Thanks to all who are already devoting their time and talents to work in the Sunday Schools. Pray for them and for the children of today who are the Church of the future.
Richard Emerson


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