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It's now almost a year since Saint Peter's Church was officially declared redundant and the fact recorded in the London Gazette. Since that date not a word has been heard from the Church Commissioners or the Department of the Environment about the preparation and approval of the final Redundancy Scheme.
This is not altogether surprising, because the Pastoral Measure, vhich is the law covering such matters, lays it down that at least one year and not more than three years must pass before the final scheme can come into operation.
There seems no reason whatever why the final scheme for Saint Peter's should be delayed beyond the minimum period of one year. Any further delay can only mean a further deterioration in the building which will be more and more costly to put right.
Meanwhile things have been happening at Saint Peter's. Following the removal of the organ during the early months of the year, the Church was in a dreadful state. During August a noble group of church people set about the task of giving Saint Peter's a thorough clean. The result of their three weeks of hard labour is that Saint Peter's is in a far better state than it has been for several years. We are all very gratefuI indeed to all those who worked with such vigour.
One side result of this is that Saint Mary's is shown to be in need of similar treatment. Mrs. Tong copes nobly with the everyday cleaning, but what is needed is a real 'bottoming' of the whole building. We have already had an offer to redecorate the plaster work of the Nave. It would be foolish to carry this out now in the middle of the repairs to the clerestorey windows, but when that is completed - shortly, we hope - we shall be taking up this kind offer.


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