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Saint Peter's Redundancy Scheme: Amend?

Since writing last months editorial for the magazine about the draft pastoral redundancy scheme for Saint Peter's, there have been many meetings to see if the Church Council should seek to have the scheme amended.
The first task was to catch a few minutes with the Bishop of Lincoln before he set off on his month's visit to the Church in America. He saw me on September 27th and expressed the opinion that we should leave the scheme as it is after seeing the Church Commissioners to make sure of the extent to which we should be granted access to Saint Peter's.
The next day it was learned that officers of the Dept. of the Environment were to inspect the Church on October 10th to assess whether the Minister should be recommended to take over the care of the building.
Two days later I made a visit to the relevant departments of the Church Commissioners in Westminster to try and iron out the position before the closing date for objections.
As a result of these various meetings it seemed clear that we have nothing to fear whether Saint Peter's is taken over by the Department of the Environment or the Redundant Churches Fund. All the bodies questioned were quite happy that we should retain [the] right of occasional use of the building for services and have the use of St. Peter's bells.
We shall also be able to move St. Peter's organ to St. Mary's at a later date. A rapidly gathered together of the available members of the Church Council's Standing Committee decided that we should take no action and allow the scheme to proceed.
We hope that Department of the Environment will take up this opportunity to care for St. Peter's, as they have the great advantage of aciequate funds and a supply of the necessary skill and labour readily available.
When the scheme has been sealed, St. Peter's will pass into the care of the Diocesan Board of Finance who will be responsible for all expenditure while the final redundancy scheme is being prepared. This will take the minimum of a year.


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