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Saint Peter's Redundancy Scheme

At long last we have received the draft of the redundancy scheme for Saint Peterís Church, which had been expected in May.
To say the least it is far from being a very inspiring document. It contains only three clauses:

  1. That Saint Maryís shall become the Parish Church of Barton-on-Humber
  2. That the Church of Saint Peter shall become redundant and that the registers and muniments of St. Peterís Church shall become redundant and transferred to Saint Maryís church
  3. That the redundancy shall come into operation on the date when the redundancy is published in the London Gazette.

All of this seems very vague, leaving a host of questions unanswered.
The crucial point is that any written representations about the scheme will have to be sent to the Church Commissioners to arrive by 19th October. The Parochial Church Council will of course be considering the scheme at its next meeting and formal notice of the draft scheme will appear in remote corners of newspapers declaring the rights of interested parties e.g. parishioners, to voice their opinions. Such observations should be sent to the Church Commissioners, 1, Millbank, London S.W.l 3JZ.
Among the many questions left open are the future of the bells and clock, the organ and furniture. These are matters which will have to be sorted out within the next month.


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