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The Bishop of Lincoln has kindly asked me on his behalf to develop a stage further the ideas I put before him about the future of Saint Peter's Church.
The Bishop asked me to go and see him to discuss further the suggestions I had made amid which had been so carefully reported in the local press. He is deeply concerned over the whole question of redundant churches and of Saint Peter's in particular. He is fully conversant with the many difficult physical and spiritual problems facing the Church both locally and throughout the diocese. We were both as one in our distrust of the word 'redundant', as this has come to mean 'unwanted and of no further use'. This is certainly not the case with Saint Peter's: it is very much wanted and a great deal of use. It only needs a little effort and this building will awake from sleep and once more play an important part in the lives of many people, as it has previously done for over a thousand years.
It is proposed that Saint Peter's should become a Special Centre of Christian faith. A place where all may come: those who have lost their faith; those who are spiritually lost, the lonely and the frightened. A haven of peace for the troubled mind and weary soul.
The portion known as Old Saint Peter's would be refurnished and become the Chapel of Unity, a place of quiet and peace, of unity with God. The portion known as Great Saint Peter's would be cleared of all its pews, refloored and refurnished in such a way that it will be able to be used for many things, not least of which would be those occasions when we who profess and call ourselves Christians would meet together in that perfect bond of love that comes from God, and raise our voices together in true unity with Him.
To serve this project it is proposed to create three orders. The first order would be the Order of Guardians. They would be exactly that - guardians of this project, guardians of the Chapel of Unity and guardians of the Great Church. The composition of this order should be as broad as possible, so that the whole of Christ's Church in Barton is represented, together with a Deanery, a Diocesan and, we hope, a national member. The second order would be the order of Stewards. They would assist the Guardians by carrying out the various practical tasks that are bound to arise, and would be composed of men and women who express a willingness to help in this way. The third and very important order would be the Order of Companions. This order would be made up of men and women of faith who have a deep concern for the spiritual welfare of all God's people, and who would take an active part in prayer and worship, or who, in some way, may wish to give impetus and support in helping with this work, that we may bring to this place

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those to whom he spoke when he said: "Come unto me all you who are weary and heavy of heart, and I will give you rest and peace."
Hugh Varah


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