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Services at Saint Chad's in May
May 7th EASTER 5 (Rogation Sunday)

8.45 am Holy Communion
11 am Sunday School
6.30 pm Evensong

11 am Sunday School
6.30 pm Evensong

8.45 am Holy Communion
11 am Family Service (at ST MARY'S)
6.30pm Evensong

11 am Sunday School

6.30 pm Evensong
A meeting of St. Chad's congregation was held on Wednesday 12th April at which the Vicar spoke about the future of Saint Chad's and asked for the candid opinions of those present.
The Vicar began by saying that the meeting had three purposes. The first was to allay any rumour that the closing of St. Chad's was in the immediate future or that such a decision would be reached over the heads of the congregation. The second was so that he could make clear to those concerned what his own views were about the future of St. Chad's. Thirdly, he hoped that those present would feel quite free to express their own opinions.
The Vicar said that any move there may be to close St. Chad's would not be made on economic grounds, nor because of a declining attendance because clearly the congregations were increasing.
The real question was whether the Church and the parish as a whole was best served by the division into the two worshipping congregations at Saint Mary's and Saint Chad's. There were many things which the two churches could give to each other to their mutual benefit. The time had long passed when a major proportion of Saint Chad's congregation lived close to the Church - indeed a considerable number passed St. Mary's on their way to St. Chad's. The danger was that the two churches may grow apart. He did not anticipate there being any move to alter the present arrangement for at least two years.
The members attending the meeting were obviously loathe to see St. Chad's shut. They said clearly that they were very attached to Saint Chad's and the great majority of opinion was that St. Chad's should remain while present circumstances remained the same.
Saint Chad's Flower Festival has been postponed until September - further details later.


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