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November begins with a bang with the celebration of All Saints Day on Wednesday 1st, followed the next day by the Commemoration of All Souls.
All Saints' Day is a very ancient feast of the Church being kept as early as 373. According to S. Chrysostom it is kept on the first Sunday after Pentecost, the day assigned to it in the Eastern Church to this day. In the West the Feast was moved first to May 13th for this was the day when the ancient Pantheon was consecrated to Christian use in Rome by Pope Boniface IV in the year 610. Later still it was moved again in 741 to the present day, November 1st, when Gregory III dedicated a Chapel in S. Peter's to 'All the Saints'. By 844 it had been ordered to be kept on November 1st throughout the Western Church, and there it has remained ever since. The only change since has been that All Saints was granted the Greater Festivals privilege of an octave in the fifteenth century. The 1928 Prayer Book proposal in the Church of England ordered that the Octave Day, 8th November, be kept as the Feast-of the Saints of the Church of England, a sop to the Church of England's lack of machinery for adding its saints to the calendar. In the early middle ages the feast of All Saints was very popular indeed and many more churches were dedicated to All Saints than there are today. When many churches were rebuilt after the Norman Conquest a great number were rededicated to Saint Mary because of the growing devotion to our Lord's mother. Our own Church of Saint Mary was one Church which had previously been All Saints. It was also quite frequent for churches to have more than one dedication, one of the Chancel, another of the Nave. The most usual of these double dedications was to Saint Mary and All Saints. The habit of double dedications dwindled towards the close of the Middle Ages and many dedications to All Saints disappeared.
The Church has always been aware, and glad, that there are far more Saints in its history than have been publicly recognised; indeed, at the earliest stages of its life it was the usual thing to speak of 'the Saints' as another way of saying 'the Church', it being realised that every Christian was called to saintliness and that it was not beyond the reach of any Christian to be raised to these heights by the grace of God working in them.
All Saints' Day has the privilege of a confusion of colours, the red of martys, the white of confessors, bishops, doctors etc. being used together on that day.
We shall follow our usual practice on All Souls' Day of commemorating those who have died during the last year. These will be remembered at the Altar automatically on November 2nd. The clergy will also be glad to receive the names of others who you would like to be commemorated at the celebration of Holy Communion.

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November has the unique distinction of beginning and ending with a Red Letter Day, for November 30th is the feast of Saint Andrew, who has always been associated with the Church's mission in preaching the Gospel. The reason for this is that it was Andrew who went to find his brother Peter and told him 'We have found the Messiah' and brought him to Jesus (S.John 1:40-42). In tbe Church of England, the Vigil of Saint Andrew is kept as a day of Prayer for the Overseas Mission of the Church.
Yours sincerely,

Darrel Speedy
The Editor apologises that the time of the Sunday School Festival on October 8th was incorrectly given in this column as 3pm. He regrets the inconvenience that has been caused.
We were very grateful to the Dean of Lincoln for stepping into the breach and coming to preach at the Harvest Festival in the place of the Bishop of Grimsby. We are glad to hear that the Bishop is making progress and is back from hospital in London.
At the October meeting of the Church Council it was resolved that Mr. Peeps should be the Churchwarden for Saint Chad's replacing Mr. Paul Varah. Mr. Peeps has been co-opted to the Church Council. The congregation at Saint Chad's presented Mr. Varah with a picture on his last Sunday at Saint Chad's.


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