The Parish Church of

Saint Mary the Virgin

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and the Mission Church
of St. Chad


Vicar: Reverend Darrel C. Speedy, B.A., The Vicaraqe, Beck Hill. Tel 32202
Asst Curate: Reverend A. E. Richard Emerson 17, Holydyke.


Dr. O. R. T. Birtwhistle, 4, Priestgate. Tel 32464
Mr. J. D. Townsend, 23, Westfield Road. Tel 32123
Mr. C. T. Smith, 21, Market Place. Tel 32142
Mr. K. B. Cox, Junction Square. Tel 32446


Vice-Chairman: Dr. G. R. T. Birtwhistle.
Electoral Roll 0fficer: Mr. J. Canty, 77, High Street. Tel 32473
P.C.C. Secretary: Mr. H. G. Markham, 76, West Acridge. Tel 32778
P.C.C. Treasurer: Mr. G. Harris, 10, Elmdale. Tel 32707


Mrs. D. G. W. Ross, 4, East Grove.
Mr. J. R. Cartwright, 13, Sunnybank. Tel 32554
Mr. A. Worfolk, 24b, Caistor Road. Tel 32646
Mr. J. D. Townsend.

Director of Music & Choirmaster: Mr. A. W. Wright, 26, Warrendale. Tel 32364
Organist & Deputy Choirmaster: Dr. J. Pemberton, 4, Priestgate
Assistant Organist: Mr. H. Parker, Beacon Hill Farm, Brigg Road. Tel 32183

Sacristan: Mrs. Owen, 4, Ravendale.
Sacristan: Mrs. J. R. Cartwright, 13, Sunnybank. Tel 32554

Tower Captain: Mr. R. Harrison, 20, Bowmandale. Tel 32068

M.U. Enrolling Member: Mrs. W. Taylor, 2, Horkstow Road. Tel 32259

Secretary: Mrs. M. Gledhill. Treasurer Mrs. Richards.

Young Wives Group Leader: Mrs. J. R. Cartwright, 13, Sunnybank.

Magazine Editor: Mrs. D. Sidell, 12, Birchdale Tel 33166.

Surrogate & Rural Dean: Canon J. H. Arbuckle, Barnetby Vicarage. Tel Barnetby 251
The Vicar's day off is Thursday, and Mr. Emerson's is Saturday

They would be grateful to be spared other than urgent calls on these days.

Applications for banns of marriage, baptisms etc should be made to the Vicarage or at Church at 6.30 pm each weekday.


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