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By way of a change, I have extended Spotlight beyond Barton again, to a well-known national figure CLIFF RICHARD
I remember in 1966 watching a closed circuit television programme of a Billy Graham crusade. At the time, it was somewhat of a surprise when Billy Graham introduced Cliff Richard to his audience. Cliff stood there, rather shyly and told the vast audience of his conversion to Christianity. A short time before this Cliff's father had died, and he had sought comfort, but in vain. At one point he had almost been won over to the Jehovah's Witnesses by one of his backing group, the Shadows, when David Winter (now responsible for all BBC religious broadcasts) stepped in.
David Winter was a member of a nationwide Bible Broup, the Crusaders, and is through the Crusaders that Cliff has become a Christian. Beside his pop-music, Cliff now finds time to sing at Crusades, make Christian films, and be a Crusader leader himself in one of the London classes. You will find two books, one by Cliff and one by David Winter in our lending Library. A further one I can recommend to you is Cliff's own book 'The Way I See it' (Hodder & Stoughton Paperback). In this book he tells us of all the kinds of questions he has been asked since he became a Christian; of the problems and advantages of being a Christian in the public eye, and of his past and present attitudes to life. He sums up his own Christian witness in these words:
"We need Christ, and that means me - and you.
It takes a very willful person to reject him.
I know him because he has changed my life, and
I'd like to think you might get to know him too."


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