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The subject of this month's spotlight is Mrs. Selina Sorfleet of Maltby Lane, Barton.
Many of you may not know Mrs. Sorfleet, but perhaps you have in your homes one of the novelty peg-bags which she makes in aid of charity. When I went to see her this week she had just completed her 2,000th peg-bag. considering that Mrs. Sorfleet has a home and family to take care of, and that she only began this work in 1965, this is quite an achievement. Her peg-bags are in the shape of a dress upon a coat-hanger, and each one takes about 90 minutes to make. In the past few years, Mrs. sorfleet has raised over 400, the majority of which has gone to the Scunthorpe Mentally Handicapped Society. Among the other organisations she helps with her work are Kidney Research, the Barton Youth Council and the Brownies. Mrs Sorfleet says that her work is only possible with the help of her husband, who, since his retirement in 1965, has helped her in the home, to give her more spare time for her sewing. Much of this sewing is done on a hand sewing machine that is well over 50 years old. Mrs Sorfleet had the machine long before she was married, while she worked as a children's nurse in the town.
In addition to making peg-bags from any remnants of material she can come by, Mrs. Sorfleet also saves up all her oddrnenst of wool. Since she was confined to her home in 1965 because of ill health, she has also produced fifteen large, beautifully crochetted bedspreads, which, again, have been given away to charities.
Mrs Sorfleet goes out veiy little nowadays, although at 73 she is still very active. However, she regularly attends St. Chad's on a Sunday morning, at which church she attended the Sunday School from the age of two years. Now she is content to sit by the fireside doing her sewing, knitting and crochetting, and in this way gets great enjoyment while helping others.


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