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Volume 1 No 1 January, 1972

This magazine is a new venture for the Church in Barton.
We hope that it will interest all who read it, and for this reason a copy is being delivered to every house in the parish in early January. During the middle of the month you will be visited to see if you would like to take the magazine regularly during the coming year. The subscription for a full year is 60p; for six months 30p.
Those who have agreed to distribute the magazine to well over 2,500 houses in the parish will have their work made far easier if they can put the following months' issues through the letter box rather than having to call each time. For his reason, and because of the high cost of producing this first issue, we ask that all subscriptions be paid in advance, for a full year or six months. At the end of this article is a subscription form. It will be a great help if you can have this completed in time for your distributor to collect.
In the past, the Church magazine has been very restricted through lack of space and a comparatively small circulation in the town. We shall make every effort to see that this new magazine is full of interest, not only to regular members of the Church congregations, but to the whole community. It is hoped that in the near future it may be able to become a joint publication for all Christian churches in the town. We expect to publish articles and news covering the whole life of Barton and beyond.
Our town and the Church are facing great changes. What difference will the Humber Bridge make to life here? Will it bring great expansion as people from the North bank come to live here? Will this help the town ox ruin it? What about Humberside? Can't somebody think of a better name than that? What about County Humber or Humberland?

  Subscription form 1972 (detach here)
  I wish to subscribe to the Church in Barton:
For 12 months (January to December 1972) at 60p or 6 months (January to June 1972) at 30p
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