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The meeting I mentioned in last month's magazine has now taken. place. The original Good Neighbours Scheme has now become known as the Community Services Organisation, or in short C.S.O.
At the Community Services Organisation's first committee meeting last Thursday evening, it was decided to first ask al organisations offering aid to the community to give us details of their services, so that a list of organisations and their respective services can be compiled, together with information of the C.S.O's own services and intentions. We are also asking for people to volunteer to be 'Good Neighbours' for their own street or area, and for people to offer general help. It is hoped that all the inforrnation from the seivices will be available by April 4th, and that shortly afterwards, all homes in Barton will have a list. We do need help to circulate these, and the editor or our Chairman, Rev. R. Owen, would be grateful to any people who would care to offer their help. Please let us know.
Perhaps there are some of you who cannot commit yourselves to any organisations because of responsibilities at home - children, aged parents, etc, and who would feel able to offer occasional help . . . WE DO NEED YOU.


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