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Newcomers as Neighbours

In last month's editorial I wrote of Barton's potential increase in population, and of how we could welcome these newcomers.
Well now is our chance to put all our thoughts and ideas into practice, not only for newcomers, but for everyone in Barton.
The week before Christmas, I was driving to Grimsby, with my car radio tuned in to 'Woman's Hour'. A reporter was interviewing a group of pepple in Otley, Yorkshire, who, for nearly four years nor, have been successfully operating a good neighbours scheme in the town, to whom anyone can appeal for help in difficult circumstances. These people can, in turn, draw on the services of a group of volunteers, should this be necessary. It may be as simple as helping a senior citizen fill in some kind of form, lighting a fire, or perhaps arranging a lift for somebody visiting hospital. This in no way interfered with, but rather supplemented and filled in the gaps of the services provided by the social services.
Subsequently, I wrote to the BBC who put me into contact with one of the organisers at Otley. He, in turn, sent me all the details of their scheme, together with a booklet which they distribute free of charge to all newcomers to Otley. Of necessity I have only described this scheme briefly, but if you would like to see a similar scheme put into practice in Barton, why not come to an open meeting to be held at 7.30 pm on Monday 12th March in the Ladies' Parlour of the Methodist Chapel - look forward to seeing you.


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