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This edition of the magazine marks the end of the first year of publication - our twelth issue of the 'Church in Barton'.
It had been our hope that it would develop into a magazine run by and for all the churches in Barton, but hope ot this coming about has recently receded considerably. It is a shame that such a visible sign of co-operation among the town's churches has been allowed to fade away. Although the other denominations do not feel able to join in such a joint venture at the moment, we hope that they will be able to see their way to doing so before long. Meanwhile we shall he glad to receive contributions for publication from them from time to time. For the time being at least, the 'Church in Barton will continue as the Parish Magazine for Barton.
The issue each month during the past year of the magazine has only been possible by a great deal of co-operation between all involved, from Mr.s Levitt and his staff, the distributors, Mr. and Mrs. Atkingwho have prepared the bundles on the last Thursday of each month and the contributors who have needed no chasing at all to secure their contributions in time to be included. We are very grateful to them all and hope that we shall be equally fortunate in our second year.
Mrs. Margaret Sidell takes over as editor in January. She has already brouqht a breath of fresh air to our pages during the last three months through her 'Spotlight on...' feature. There is room for very great improvements to be made, and I am sure we shall see many appear during the coming months. We wish her all the best in her task in the coming year.
Before I switch off the editorial typewriter for the last tirne, may I thank those who have made the magazine not only possible but worthwhile - the subscribers, especially the non-Anglicans. who have supported us in this first year. I hope that all will continue to do so in the future.
May I wish all a very Happy Christrnas and New Year

Darrel Speedy


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