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When this magazine was first published in January of this year it was done with regret that it had not been possible to make it a venture involving all the Christian bodies in Barton. Some voices were raised about the presumption of the title.
Since that time, there have been meetings during the past month to arrange a possible way for the Barton Council of Churches to enter into the magazine. The first step has been to find a volunteer to act as Editor. We have been fortunate here in securing the services of Mrs. Margaret Sidell, who will be moving gradually into the editorial chair over the next few months and become wholely responsible in the new year.
The second, and more difficult problem has been the running of the magazine. It was originally planned that the Barton Council of Churches should launch a magazine of its own. This has proved to be impossible for a number of reasons.
First of all, there was the difficulty of abandoning the Parish Church magazine such a short time after it had been launched at considerable expense - this was an increased difficulty in view of the success of the magazine whlih has a circulation of seven hundred copies a month. None of the other churches in Barton has a magazine issued regularly. It was thought to be foolish to give up publication which is successful and to run into further costs with no guarantee of equal success. The second problem was that some of the churches did not feel that they would be able to underwrite the financial responsibility which a new magazine would require.
For these reasons, the 'Church in Barton' will continue to be published. Over the next few months there will be an increase in material supplied by other churches, so that by the end of the year each church will have space of its own for its own news and for the clergy and ministers of each church to contribute.
It has not been worked out finally how the other churches will see to the distribution of magazines to their members, but it is expected that each church will make itself responsible for the distribution of a set number of magazines and arrange for them to be given out as they each think best.


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