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Having just realised that the result of Lindsey County Council's referendum on Humberside had been declared and that our voting papers sat unposted on the seat of the car, I wonder about the whole question of this sort of venture.
A few years ago a great deal of expense was incurred in Kesteven with a publicity campaign to keep Kesteven from being amalgamated with Holland. 'Kesteven is progressive' posters were plastered all over. Now Lindsey County Council have seen fit to launch a campaign to preserve the wholeness of Lincolnshire from the so-called horrors of South Humberside being swallowed by Yorkshire.
No doubt such a poll is entirely legal and above-board and the L.C.C. has the right to enter into very considerable public expense. Yet nobody can pretend surely that Lindsey has no personal axe to grind. In the united Lincolnshire scheme Lindsey would clearly be the dominant area. To see this disappear and to be carved up in the Humberside scheme must be a big disappointment to all who have given unstinted public service to Lindsey.
It may well be right that the opinion of the public should be consulted in such a matter, but surely such a poll should be conducted by an impartial body. County Humber cannot put its case because it does not yet exist.
It is clear that the one thing which must be avoided is the experience of Teesside established as an administrative unit some years ago, and which has been slowly re-absorbed by the North Riding and Durham County Councils until what is left is only a mockery of the original scheme. If this happened here we should have the worst of both worlds. The schemes for decreasing the area of South Humberside which would be involved in County Humber could be the beginning of this process.


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