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You may remember that during the weeks of Lent this year there were half a dozen small groups of people meeting in the homes of members. Their task for the five weeks was to make an investigation of the Church's practice over Baptism, Confirmation and admission to Holy Communion.
The first three meetings of each group were spent looking into the three subjects and their backgrounds. In the final two sessions each group was asked to make recommendations for a complete plan of action for the parish to cover the whole field of Christian initiation and growth. These will be drawn together at a joint meeting of all the house-group members and then sent as a combined report to the Parochial Church Council at their June Meeting.
It's not yet the appropriate time to disclose their findings as the joint meeting is not till next week. There are many things that are very interesting. The groups had a remarkable amount of enthusiasm for the idea of meeting in such groups in each others homes. Each member was asked to fill a 'reaction sheet' at the last session. The first question was to mark on a scale their impression of the meetings. The scale ranged from Bad - 0, to Excellent - 100. The average mark from the 35 sheets returned was 80, between Good and excellent. Of the 35 involved, 30 thought the task very worth while and 5 moderately so. They were by no means so convinced that anything would come of their efforts - a reflection on their opinion of the Church's ability and willingness to get thihgs done. Only one thought that something would come of it all, sixteen thought it probable and 18 looked on it as only a possibility.
Twenty three members enjoyed the experience of the house groups very much indeed and twelve enjoyed them. The great majority wanted to take part in further groups, though some said that this would depend on the subject chosen. There were also some suggestions for improvement, some of the groups were too small with only four or five members, though one had eleven regular members. More young people should have been invited to take part.
It is quite clear that there is a widespread demand among the adult members of the Church for a far greater opportunity to learn and understand the falih and practice of the Church, and a marked willingness to take an active and responsible part in the Church's work. We shall be hearing more.


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