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24th October, 1972

The Vicar's Letter

Dear parishioners,
There comes a time with most organisations when they feel as though they are not getting on very fast at all - everything seems to conspire together to frustrate all the best laid plans.
The parochial Church Council might be excused for thinking along these lines at the moment. Its long term plans for the future of the Church's plant in Barton seem to have gone aground. The situation is this: these plans seem to hinge upon the sale of the Assembly Rooms in Queen Street, and it appears at the moment that we are not to be permitted by the Diocesan Trust to sell this property because of the unknown development prospects for the town as a whole. The only proposal that the Trust are willing to consider now is the sale of the Assembly Rooms on a leasehold basis.
From the financial point of view there is obviously some strength in the Trust's argument. After all, it is their task to ensure that the best possible use is made of the Church's resources, and this is an important job considering the way in which the Church is rapidly being overtaken by the tide of inflation.
Nevertheless, the first stage of the Church Council's plan is the building of an adequate hall attached to Saint Mary's Church, along the North side of the present building with direct access to the Church through the present North door of the Church. To a very large extent the building of this Hall depends for its capital upon the sale of the Assembly Rooms. The Church Council has argued as strongly as it can that the rise in value of the Assembly Rooms over the next few years is going to be matched by the increase in building costs of the hall, indeed the difference in the cost of building the hall and the sum realised by the sale of the Assembly Rooms is going to widen as time passes.
At its meeting last night the Church Council instructed the Finance Committee to enquire and make recommendations about the alternative financing of the Hall project. It also considered the possibility of carrying out repairs to the present Assembly Rooms so that this could be re-instated as the Church Hall. It was agreed, however, that this would be likely to cost in the region of 4,000 - 5,000 and that we should, still end up with a building of the wrong design, basically 150 years old and in the wrong place for the Church's needs.

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