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Wednesday, 28th June Coffee Evening 7pm - 9pm for the New Hall at Saint Mary's


At its meeting last night, 22nd May, the Church Council had before it the preliminary drawings from the architect for the New Hall. A small group of the council members will be going into it in more detail at the end of the week.
What it is hoped to provide in the new hall is a main room of approximately 1,500 sq ft - a committee-room/ vestry of about 300 sq ft - kitchen, cloakrooms etc. The Hall will be joined on to the Church by a short entrance attached to the North Door of the Church so that we can go straight from one building to the other without going outside. The main entrance to the Hall will be at the west with double doors and an entrance vestibule.
It seems that the Church Council's idea of using the North Aisle wall as the South wall of a new Chapel may have to be abandoned because of architectural factors and the interference with tfle Church fabric and obstruction of light into the Church.
Outside it is planned to provide a good car park with access for cars from Soutergate.
Obviously, one of the architect's big problems is how to build a hall which will not clash with the medieval stonework of the Church.
When the plans are clearer, we hope to publish a drawing of proposed building in the magazine.


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