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We held a meeting in May to see if we could arrange a Flower Festival. This was well attended and members formed themselves into groups - Flowers, Teas, Produce Stall and Art Exhibition. These groups worked separately and showed great enthusiasm in their planning.
Members of other churches were asked to help wfth the Floral displays. They were all very willing to help us. Forty seven ladies attended meetings in the Church to make plans for this very important part of the Festival.
We were very fortunate that Mrs. Pedley of Broughton was able to advise us in the floral work. She gave us the confidence we needed, and her many visits were greatly appreciated.
Mrs. Thepherd agreed to organise an Art Exhibition, and with the help of Mr. A. Poole and Mrs. C. Southall, this was arranged in the Church Parlour.
We must thank Mr. T. Nicholson for his help with transport, Mrs. M. Clarke and Mr. F. Knapton for the brochures, Mr. F. and Mr. D. Pullan for the electrical work.
The Women´s Meeting, Young Wives, Youth Club and Sunday School all worked very hard at their individual exhibitions.
The Festival was very well attended, and the flowers and exhibitions greatly admired. The tea room ladies served numerous cream teas, arid the produce stall sold out by Saturday lunchtime, many ladies going home to do more baking for the afternoon.
We owe a deep debt of gratitude to many people, especially members of other churches, who by their help gave a true example of Church Unity.
The Church is already making plans for the enlargement of the kitchen, which will ultimately lead to the founding of a community centre, which we hope will bring benefit and comfort to the old people of our town.


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