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New Years' Day 1973
The year that begins today shows every promise of being a very full one for the Church in Barton. We begin it with all the problems and challenges that faced us as 1972 closed, but we have every confidence that this coming twelve months will show real and visible progress.
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The second thing on the programme is the next stage of the repairs to St. Mary's Church. The first stage of Mr. Bond's schedule is now complete, together with a part of stage two. We hope to finish stage two in 1973. We are finding that the cost of these repairs is proving far higher than had been estimated. The work completed so far has cost 1,900 and a bill for another 1,000 is expected shortly. The completion of stage two is likely to cost another 3,000. we are very fortunate to have been given grants of almost 2,000 to help us pay for the work. The situation will deteriorate with another substantial wage increase in June this year and the 10% addition for VAT.
The third item is, of course the Church Hall at St. Mary's. The brake which holds us back in this is still the Diocesan Trust's 'freeze' on the Church Council's property. If this can be unfrozen, there is no reason why the Hall should not be in use by this time nert year. Unfortunately all depends on our being allowed to dispose of property for which we have no use. We shall just have to keep on trying.
There is about to be presented to the Deanery Synod a report by its Pastoral Committee on the future structure of the Church in the Deanery and its staffing. This report will be debated at the synod in February, after the Church Councils have met to discuss it first. Our deanery's recommendations have to be sent to the Diocese by March.
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