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Not everything in Barton has to wait on the coming of the Humber Bridge. There are social problems which cry out for action to be taken now. Here is just one of them.
On the whole Barton is a very compact community where the great majority of the inhabitants feel that they are in close contact with the life of the town. The shops and the social facilities of the town are in easy reach. There is one area where this is not so - the Caistor Road Estate. Up there on the hill are 130 houses and the families which live in them. The great majority of those who live there are very young families and a great number of them are from out of the town, so that they have no family roots here.
What facilities are there for this community to help it to grow in spirit - NONE. There is not even one shop, no central meeting place of any sort. It's true that in many cases husband and wife are both out at work, but there are also many young mothers with little children who are alone all day, who have to push prams up and down Caistor Road hill just to buy a loaf of bread.
It needs more than just houses to make a community. The plans for shopping facilities on this estate stili seem to be very remote and I hear that one site planned for shops is now to have houses built on it.
There is no question that the houses there are very pleasant indeed, yet there is a very high rate of removal to other parts of Barton and elsewhere. One of the reasons for this is surely that families there feel cut off from the rest of the town and even from their neighbours.
The provision of shops at least is an urgent social need. There seems no valid reason why this cannot be put in hand straight sway.
We thank the visitors who have been canvassing the town for orders for this new magazine. As I write this article, we have orders in for 600 copies per month with the returns still to come in from nearly 500 houses.


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