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Humber Bridge Building Begins

The formal start to the work on the Humber Bridge is due to be made at the time that this magazine is being compiled. Judging by the film which was made of the building of the Forth Road Bridge we are in for a great tourist attraction, with people coming many miles to see how the work is progressing. For us who live here, there will be the progress to watch through the next four years. Already the work has begun in preparing the roads for the access of the heavy equipment to the site.
We are already experiencing some of the effects that the Bridge will bring in its train. One in particular has been with us for some time. This is the housing situation. Itís a growing problem with those who are planning to get married in the near future to be able to find a house to live in. Itís not that the property madness over prices has really hit us as it has the south-east of the country, but there seem to be no houses on the market. Young couples tell me either that they have been searching without avail, or they have been fortunate in hearing about somebody moving before the house has ever been formally put up for sale.
Clearly this is not a time for selling property. Itís a situation which is happy for those who have a home of their own, but is not so rosy for those whose marriage day is getting ever nearer without a prospect of a roof over their heads.
The prospect of the Bridge, the new county of Humberside and the continuing development of the South Bank of the Humber, make these exciting, if uncertain times for Barton. If the expected expansion comes, we shall all have to be on the guard against factors which might destroy the essential character of the town. Such a great change cannot come without a deal of pain and adaptation. One of the greatest dangers, which may seem attractive at first is that Barton might become a miniature version of the Surrey Ďstockbroker beltí. Many may want to come and live here away from their work in Hull. On a large scale this might bring great financial prosperity such as this part of Lincolnshire has never known, but with this there would be a serious threat to Barton as a community. The characterlessness of the outer London suburbs is not something to be sought after: it could be very difficult to avoid: impossible, perhaps, unless we are ready to see the signs before it is too late.


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