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It is hoped that in the near future we shall have a bookstall in St. Mary’s church where anyone will be able to purchase books. We are hoping for a wide variety of books on all aspects of christianity. If you would like to suggest any titles to be included in this bookstall would you please let the Vicar or the Editor know - better still, send us your recommendation in the form of a book review, the first of which appears this month. Further details of this bookstall will appear later.

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Through Gates of Splendour by Elisabeth Elliott. Hodder & Stoughton

[Elliot, Elisabeth (1966), Through Gates of Splendour, London: Hodder and Stoughton.]
Sunday, January 8th, 1956 was rather a special day for five young men in the jungles of Ecuador. For them it was the thrill of their lifetime, yet, at the same time the end of their lives. They had succeeded in making contact and subsequently bringing the Gospel to a remote primitive tube. For this they gave their lives at the hand of vicious savages. Their story is retold by one of the widows of these young men, from diaries and the radio contact they maintained until shortly before their deaths.


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