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At the General Synod of the Church of England meeting in London during the first week in May, the Synod will make its final vote upon the proposals for stage 1 of the unity scheme. 0ver the last few months, Deaneries and Dioceses have been voting to express their opinion about the plan.
The vote takes place on May 3rd. In order for the scheme to go ahead, there needs to be a 75% majority throughout the Synod, and each of the three houses of Bishops, Clergy and Laity must have a 66% majority.
We are all asked to pray for the members of the Synod as it reaches its momentous decision: not that any particular decision be made, but that the will of God may be carried forward by the Synod's decision. Whether we are in favour or against the scheme we are asked to pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit for those who are elected to make this important decision, which will effect the Church greatly for decades to come, both nationally and locally.


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