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Monday 6th March, 1972

There were one or two innovations at the Annual Meeting. Firstly, it was held in Saint Mary's Church, partly because that is more convenient and also because it seems, at least to the present writer to be the fitting place to hold such an assembly. Secondly, the meeting was held following a service of Holy Communion of which the intention was for the Guidance of the Holy Spirit.
At the Vestry Meeting which began the proceedings,four four church wardens were re-elected for a further year, Dr. Birtwhistle and Mr. Smith for St. Mary's, Mr. K. Cox and Mr. Townsend for St. Peter's They each begin their new term of office after the Archdeacon s Visitation at Hackthorn on May 19th.
The Annual Parochial Church Meeting began with the presentation of the newly prepared electoral roll. There are 351 people entered on the roll. This is a very substantial drop on the numbers of the old roll, but it has been in existence since 1921 only being revised each year. In future the roll will begin afresh every sixth year.
Mrs. G. D. W. Ross was elected to fill the casual vacancy on the Rural Deanery Synod.
There then followed the nomination of sidesmen. Two additions were made to the list - Mr. A. Sidell and Mr. W. Cox.
Mr. Ross, Mrs, Peck and Mr. Tinley had given notice that they did not wish to stand for re-election to the P.C.C. In the election to the Church Councils the result showed the return of Mr. J. R. Cartwright and a newcomer, Mis. M. Sidell.
During the counting of the votes, Mr. G. Harris presented the account for 1971.... Largely as the result of the sale of the Ferriby Road House, the cash balances in hand at the end of the year show a substantial increase. In view of the great deal of expense we shall have over the next few years in repairing St. Mary's Church and building a new Church Hall, this is very welcome.
Dr. Birtwhistle and Mr. Worfolk gave reports on the Diocesan and Deanery Synods.
In the Chairman's report, the Vicar began by thanking everybody who played a paxt in the functioning of the Church during the year. He said that his first year had largely been spent in weighing up the situation of the Church in Barton, rather than in rushing into instant decisions. Nevertheless, many big decisions had been made, including trie decision to put the whole of recommendations in the architect's survey report in hand as soon as possible. Work should begin very shortly on the first stage of repairs. It was hoped that this first part at least would be completed this summer. The total

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estimate of costs is £6,285. As an emergency measure the vestry roof has already been re-asphalted.

Facts and Figures

These seemed to be wholely accounted for by the rise in the parishes population.

Communicants (St. Mary's only)

Holy Week
The total figure for 1959 was 3660, for 1966, 5587
The number of communicants this year so far is 225 greater than the same time last year.

New Church Hall

The Vicar announced that he had that afternoon that the Diocesan Faculties Advisory Committee had given outline approval to the proposal to build a church hall, chapel, vestry and other accoinodation on the North side of Saint Mary's churchyard. Detailed plans have now to be drawn up for this scheme by the architect. The Church Council is at present negotiating for the sale of the Assembly Rooms which will release capital for the building of the new hall.

St. Chad's

When there is a hall at St. Mary's the question will arise, 'What is to happen to Saint Chad's?' The Vicar said he was hoping to arrange a meeting of Saint Chad's congregation after Easter to discuss the subject with them. His announcement on arrival that nothing would be done about the future of Saint Chad's without their full co-operation. This still held good.

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It was disappointing that we had had to go ahead with the new magazine by ourselves, but it is still hoped that we may be partners in a joint venture of this sort involving all the churches in Barton. The response to the magazine in the town has been very encouraging, with over a quarter of the houses subscribing for a full year or six months.

New Curate

Mr. Dick Emerson is being ordained deacon on July 2nd in Lincoln Cathedral to serve his curacy in Barton, where he will live in the Curate's House in Holydyke. The Church Council is now doing some improvement and decorating work at the house. Mr. Emerson Is married with one son in his late teens.

Church School

Our church school has at least one thing in common with Eton, in that children's names have to be down on the list a long time before they are due to start. It is hoped that pressure on space in the Church School will be eased when plans are put in hand to build the new Junior School in Marsh Lane. It seems that this may be started in the year 1973/4. Despite the fact that the school is very overcrowded, the Headmaster and his staff should be highly praised for the school's work and for the happy atmosphere which prevails there.

Wider issues

Synodical government is having some teething troubles which are the natural result of the new insistence on consultation on all major issues from the General to the Diocesan and Deanery Syriods and back again. The agendas of all these bodies are becoming severely clogged up. The new Series 3 Communion Service is one victim of this. We hope that it will be available for parochial use by the middle of the year.
The general synod takes its decision on Anglican-Methodist Unity on May 3rd. Voting in the dioceses has nearly been completed. The great majority of the dioceses are voting in favour but it would be rash to assume that the required majority of 75% overall in the General Synod will be reached.


The Vicar said that he hoped to bring to the Church Council early in the coming year proposals for bringing in a larger number of people into the making of decisions in the Church, rather than that these should be restricted to the Church Council. This could be done by asking non-R.C.C. members to help on groups dealing with the varied sides of the church's life.


The Vicar concluded his report by thanking the parish for making his first year in Barton such a happy one for him and all his family.

P.C.C. Officers

At the P.C.C. meeting which followed, Dr. Birtwhistle was re-elected as Vice-Chairman, Mr. H. G. Markham - Secretary, Mr. G. Harris - Treasurer, and Mr. J. M. Canty - Electoral Roll Officer.


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