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Congratulations Dr. Ursula Hay has now left Magila to take up
her new post as Secretary of the Tanzania Christian Medical
Association. Being chosen for this work is a feather in the
doctor's cap as it is the important job of co-ordinating all
medical mission work and liaising with the government. Happily
too, she will remain an U.S.P.G. missionary.
New doctor for Magila Dr. Andrew Stanford and his wife Margaret,
SRN, after a spell at the College of the Ascension, will be going
to Magila after Easter. (This is the U.S.P.G. Missionary Training
College near Birmingham. Ed.) Doctor Andrew will then be in
charge. Meanwhile Dr. Lesley Sitwell has gone there from Korogwe
to take charge temporarily. Dr. Marion Bartlett, who, with her
husband, the Rev. David Bartlett, has recently moved to Muheza, is
working part-time in the hospital. She is a surgeon, and, as Dr.
Hay says, 'It is wonderful not to have to send our patients
requiring surgery on to Tanga, as I had to when I was there.
Emergencies Ursula Hay says that Dr. Bartlett had no sooner
arrived at Magila than there was a series of emergencies, just to
show her how welcome she was. One of the trickiest was a baby
girl of five months, suffering from intuscusseption - the
intestine makes a tuck in itself, which then moves along inside
the next bit, like a stoddng being turned inside out'. The
augments staff was able to cope ith this successfully, to their
great satisfaction.
News from SABAH The support of Archdeacon Archie Briggs is our
other overseas mission project. He is Archdeacon of the diocese
of Jabah, formerly British North Borneo, where the Church is
having a very difficult time in the face of very militant
Moslem opposition led by the Prime Minister. Great restrictions
are being placed on the movement of white missionaries in and
out of the country. A little while ego, a nun, well in her
eighties, a member of an enclosed order, was forced to leave
Sabah, being deported as an undesirable alien. It is only
the restraining hand of the Malaysian Federation government in
Kuala Lumpur which makes it possible for any white Christian
mission to stay in Sabah. Archdeacon Briggs was recently in
England, but had to return to Sabah in great haste, in case his
re-entry visa was cancelled.
(These notes are supplied through the U.S.P.G. Project Service)
In 1971 Barton Church sent £50 to Magila, £25 to Sabah and £50
for the general fund of U.S.P.G.


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