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Ecumenical Pastoral Care

Yesterday I had the task of reading a paper on Pastoral care to the members of the Barton clergy and Ministers Fraternal. In it I tried to give a picture of how I see the Church in Barton caring for the community during the next ten years and beyond. It's not possible to explain here the whole of what I said, but two things are clear. If we are to care as we should, we shall need to have far greater co-operation between the churches, not only in occasional services and joint gatherings of clergy and lay-people, but in the day-to-day ordering of the life of the Church in Barton. It will also be essential that the whole Church community of all denominations shall come to work with the clergy and ministers as partners in the pastoral work of the Church in the town. The clergy and ministers were in sufficient agreement with what was said to wish to take the matter further in the immediate future. I hope we shall be hearing a great deal more about this very soon.

[Darrel Speedy]


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