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Requiem Eucharist to Inaugurate the new Ossuary at Saint Peter's, Barton-on-Humber


Requiem Service 2008

Photograph by Adrian Worsfold.

On 7 March, 2008, a Requiem Eucharist and Vespers for the Dead was held in the newly restored Saint Peter's church in Barton-on-Humber, to mark the return to their resting place of the thousands of skeletons disinterred in the archaeological investigations of the 1980s.

The sevice was led by the Priest-in-Charge of Saint Mary's church, the Rev. David Rowett, assisted by the Rev. Alan Wright and the Rev. Ernest Hepworth, former Vicar of Saint Mary's.

A copy of the Order of Service can be downloaded here. (Format is ODT, openable in OpenOffice). You can also read the whole service online by clicking here.

The parish of Saint Mary's would like to acknowledge the kind assistance and co-operation of English Heritage, and particularly the local curator, Kevin Booth, in this project.

We are also grateful to

Fr. Alan Wright and the choir of St. Mary's;
Carolyn Smith and the St. Mary's servers;
Roger Lord, Tower Captain and the St. Mary's bellringers;
Richard Darn, of the Government News Network, who has handled publicity via English Heritage;
All the local EH staff, for their co-operation, enthusiasm, support - and sheer hard work.
We also thank Prof. Warwick Rodwell and his team, and all who have been involved in the Barton Project over so many years for their care and sensitivity.
Finally, we thank the people of Barton, without whose understanding and support none of this research could ever have happened.


Last updated: 9 March, 2008.