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Welcome to the Home Page of the Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Barton-on-Humber. We are in the Diocese of Lincoln in the Province of Canterbury of the Church of England. The parishes of Saint Nicholas, South Ferriby; Saint Maurice, Horkstow and All Saints, Saxby-All-Saints are now part of our parish grouping, and it is hoped that in due course they will have their own pages, possibly on this site.

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For many years, Barton had two churches a few hundred metres apart, but the internationally known tenth century church of Saint Peter is no longer used for regular worship, but is under the care of English Heritage and is open at weekends. Potential visitors to Saint Peter's should check the opening hours on the English Heritage web site.

Roof Repairs
At the weekend of September 2-3, 2018, thieves stole the lead from the roof of the South Aisle. A temporary felt covering was put in place, although this was not entirely watertight. We then got to work, to raise money to repair the roof properly, because the insurance pay-out was only a fraction of the sum required. We chose not to use lead again, because that would have meant the prospect of further thefts. Instead, we used terne-coated steel, a type of stainless steel sheet which looks like lead. This material is already used on St Peter's Church roof. The total cost was estimated at around 45,000. An appeal was started in November 2019, and good progress was made. Most houses in Barton received a flyer through the letterbox, and local BBC featured the appeal several times. We have now received about 12,000 in private donations, including some very generous donations of more than 1000. Thank you to everyone who contributed! We were organising a programme of concerts and other fund-raising activities in early 2020, but at that stage the virus arrived. Our Raising the Roof concert was wisely cancelled at the last moment, shortly before the first lockdown was imposed. We still intend to hold that concert when it is safe to do so, and all purchased tickets will be valid. The next stage was to appeal for funds from charities and trusts which offer grants for church repairs. Needless to say, there is a lot of competition for this money. We received 4,000 from the Allchurches Trust, and had several other funding bids ready to go, awaiting only the formal Diocesan permission. At that stage, a new source of funding appeared. A large sum of government money was made available for a Covid-19 Culture Recovery Fund, and the Church of England Archbishops Council successfully bid for several million pounds. to distribute to churches which needed urgent repairs to remain open. Timescales were very tight, but we successfully applied for some of that money, and received nearly 30,000. At last, shortly before Christmas 2020, we could start to repair the Church. We also ordered a special roof alarm, which will alert us to intruders on the roof in future. Our Church Architect had already organised competitive tenders from specialist contractors, and now the winning bidder set to work. Some extra repairs were found necessary to the North Aisle roof (caused by thieves pulling up the roofing sheets and allowing water beneath), meaning that we had to spend a further 3,000. However, we have a sound roof, and can now concentrate on the many other costly repairs, that were already pending when the lead was stolen! Having a huge medieval Church to maintain is indeed an expensive matter, and your donations are still very welcome!

James Tannock
PCC Fundraising Lead


Another way to help us is by joining the Friends of Saint Mary's our new support body. Please follow the link, or contact the churchwardens for further details.


Access to Saint Mary's is usually available on most days. You can visit it and adjacent churches in the area as part of the Northern Lincolnshire Church Trails scheme. Provision has been made for level access for wheelchairs, baby carriers, zimmer frames, and spaces are available in the body of the church for wheelchair-using worshippers. An amplifying loop is used at services to facilitate those using hearing aids.

Vistors often comment on the lightness of the church, due to its relative lack of stained glass. The East window, however does contain a composite panel of fragments of mediaeval glass, as shown below. In 2012, an image of the Blessed Virgin Mary was presented to the church by a parishioner.

Stained Glass: Photo G. Plumb

Adrian Worsfold is thanked for valuable advice, for the plan of the church, for the coloured St Mary's logo and the Barton church map. The Rev Gordon Plumb is thanked for many of the photographs. Site built using Adobe Dreamweaver® 8 and maintained by the Webmaster, Peter J. Large. Click my name for a direct E-mail link, if you have any enquiries or requests for our prayers.

Please pray for us and our work in serving Jesus Christ in Barton.

Beati qui habitant in domo tua, in saecula saeculorum laudabunt te.(Psalm 84)

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January 1 Naming of Jesus
January 5 Epiphany (Sunday)
January 28 PCC Meeting, Eucharist 7 pm
January 18-25 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

January 31 Candlemas (Sunday)
February 17 Ash Wednesday: Imposition of Ashes and Eucharist 7 pm
March 14 Mothering Sunday
March 28 Palm Sunday
April 1 Maundy Thursday
April 2 Good Friday
strong>April 4 Easter Day Eucharist at 6 am (Dawn Mass), 8 am and 9-30 am. Evening Prayer 6pm
May 23 Whitsunday (Pentecost)
May 30 Trinity Sunday

July ? Church Summer Fair10 am-12 noon

September 5 Patronal Festival
October 4 Harvest Supper

November 1 All Saints Sunday
November 14 Remembrance Sunday
November 28 Advent Sunday
December 17 Christingle Service 4 pm
Dec 24 Christmas Eve
Carol Service 6-30 pm; Midnight Eucharist 11-30 pm
Dec 25 Christmas Day Eucharist at 8 and 9-30 am




The Diocese of Lincoln is twinned with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brugge in Belgium (Dutch language only), and with the Dioceses of Tirunelveli and Tuticorin-Nazareth in the Church of South India.




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