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Roof Appeal

Like many older churches, St Mary's has a roof covered in sheets of lead. This material has been used since early times to provide a roof covering which is waterproof, easily worked and heavy enough to stay in place during high winds.
Unfortunately lead is valuable, and is often stolen by well-organised thieves who usually strike late at night. This is what happened to St Mary's, on two nights in September 2018. A large amount of our lead was stolen and nothing has been recovered.
The bare roof was immediately covered with a temporary waterproof barrier, while our insurers were contacted and an assessment of permanent repair possibilities was made. Unfortunately, the insurers are only willing to cover a small proportion of the cost of replacement. The Parochial Church Council has employed an expert church architect and sought permission to replace the stolen lead with a special coated steel, which is not valuable to thieves. Permission is required for any changes to a Grade 1 Listed Building.

The temporary covering is already starting to deteriorate, and the roof leaks badly in heavy rain. Water will soon damage the ancient beams and other structures. It is urgent that a permanent covering is fitted as soon as possible. Together with some generous private donations, and the insurance contribution promised, the roof repair fund at the start of this appeal stood at about £20,000. We will need £60,000, in total, to fix the roof.

The Roof Repair Appeal is the first stage of a restoration and improvement project for St Mary’s, which will see many parts of the church refurbished and improved. This project will ensure that St Mary’s remains a central part of Barton's life, not only for services, but as a venue for all sorts of community events and a church which is open all day for quiet prayer and reflection.

If you wish to make a donation, you can do so by bank transfer as follows:

Pay to Barton PCC, at NatWest Bank, Scunthorpe, Account no. 10506772, Sort Code 51-81-34
Don't forget to state how much you wish to give and on the transfer to quote "Roof Appeal."

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