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St Mary's Parish Church Code of Practice on Equal Opportunities



  1. This Equal Opportunities Policy provides a basis for good practice and management of St Mary’s Church.
  2. The implementation and review of this policy will be ongoing; therefore the effects will be long term.
  3. This document is intended for the benefit of all employees/volunteers and members of St Mary’s Church. St Mary’s PCC will ensure that all employees/volunteers and members of St Mary’s are aware of the policy and code of practice, and that the Parish Priest and Churchwardens will  implement the policy and code of practice on a day to day basis.



  • All employees/volunteers and members of St Mary’s Church will not discriminate on the basis of notions that individuals, because of their gender, age, marital status, responsibility for dependants, creed, race or ethnic origin, sexuality or disability, possess characteristics or are subject to circumstances which would make them less favourable or able than others.



  1. The Parish Priest and Churchwardens must ensure that all who are responsible for recruiting and appointing employees/volunteers are made fully aware of  St Mary’s Church’s equal opportunities policy.
  2. Applicants/volunteers for posts will be given clear and accurate information about vacancies including copies of the job description and person specification.
  3. All interviews will be thorough, conducted on an objective basis and will deal only with the applicant’s suitability for the job and ability to fulfil the job requirements.
  4. The reasons for acceptance or rejection of all candidates must be recorded and the records kept by the parish office for a minimum of 6 months.
  5. Where candidates request reasons for their rejection, this must be made available to them either in writing, by interview, or both.
  6. All applicants/volunteers will be informed that St Mary’s PCC operate an equal opportunities policy.
  7. Appointments will be made on the basis of the justifiable requirements of the job as defined in the job description and person specification.
  8. Vacancy bulletins will be displayed on notice boards or in the Parish magazine or both.
  9. If the job/voluntary position requires a woman or a man or a particular racial or ethnic group, this is known as a “Genuine Occupational Qualification” (that is where discrimination would be lawful). 
  10. The above is to be read in the context of the Canon Law of the Church of England, which in tightly defined circumstances, permits lawful discrimination on the grounds of faith, gender or lifestyle.

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Last updated: 29 July, 2008.