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Lincolnshire Church Tourism

Saint Mary's, Barton: A Lincolnshire Cascade Church

The Church Tourism Network in Lincolnshire promotes the Cascade system, where larger churches, called Cascade churches, regularly open to the public, can serve as pointers to smaller churches, often of considerable interest, but which are not open on a regular basis and can usually only be accessed by application to a local key-holder. These smaller churches are called Stream churches.

The Stream churches led to from Barton are:

Barnetby-le-Wold: Saint Barnabas

Bigby: All Saints

Bonby: Saint Andrew

Elsham: All Saints

Horkstow: Saint Maurice:

Saxby-All-Saints: All Saints

Somerby: Saint Margaret

South Ferriby: Saint Nicholas

Thornton Curtis: Saint Lawrence

Ulceby: Saint Nicholas

Wootton: Saint Andrew

Worlaby: Saint Clement

For further details, please consult the leaflet available in Saint Mary's at the right of the main door as you enter the church.


Last updated: 1 May, 2015.