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Summary of the Bells


The following details are taken from "St Mary's Church, Barton-upon-Humber" by the late G.H. Varah. The fine ring of eight bells in the key of E, is made up of four old bells which were re-hung in 1914 on metal frames and four modern bells hung in 1946 at which time under the direction of G.H. Varah, the old four had their plain bearings replaced with ballbearings.

No. Date cwt qr lb Inscription
1 1946 4 3 6 To their unchanging memory To ring the changes Through the
changing times. G. B. Sylvester, Vicar
Gillett & Johnston, Croydon, 1946.
2 1946 4 3 25 Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends.
J. Kitching, A.H. Eastoe, Churchwardens Saint Mary's. Gillett & Johnston, Croydon. 1946.
3 1946 5 3 18 To the Glory of God and in memory of
William Edward Varah, Vicar of this parish 1911-1945.
Given by his family 1946.
Gillett & Johnson, Croydon.
4 1946 7 0 10 These three bells were cast in 1946 in honour of the Barton men and women who fell in the second world war.
G.H. Varah, F.P.H. Birtwhistle, Churchwardens Saint Peter's. Gillett & Johnston, Croydon.
5 1666 8 0 11 George Kidson, Thomas Feraris, Wardens 1666.
6 1602 9 0 8 My roaring loude doth warning give That men cannot here
always Iyve. C.W. P.W.
7 1666 12 2 16 All Glory bee to God on High. 1666.
8 1666 16 3 4 All men that heare my mournful sound Repent before you lye in
ground. 1666. Recast 1914.

On the headstocks of Numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8:- These four bells hung 1914.
W.E. Varah, Vicar. W. Wilson, W. Stamp, Churchwardens. Gillett & Johnson, Bellfounders, Croydon.

The main bearings and the clapper bearings were renewed in June 2009, at a cost of £13,995.00. This was funded by many donations, grants and bequests from St Mary’s parishioners, Barton Lions, Barton Rotary Club, Lincoln Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers, the Northern Branch of Church Bell Ringers and North Lincolnshire Council.

On 14 November 2010, new bell muffles were dedicated in memory of Geoff Bromfield, Tower Captain from 19xx to 2008. On November 27, a peal of 5056 changes of Plain Bob Major was rung, the first continuous peal rung by an entirely local band of ringers since the bells were augmented in 1946.

Dedication of Muffles Bell Muffles

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Last updated: 17 April, 2017