Skidby Mill
This photograph of Skidby windmill was taken by the late Don Ainley.
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Route Descriptions:

Goxhill Railway Walk: PDF or HTML
Two Havens Walk: PDF or HTML
Two Bridges Walk (Humber Bridge to Horkstow Bridge and return): (Powerpoint slide show). You will need to download this (21 Mb) and view in Powerpoint.

Slideshows and Videos

Slideshow of our Walks (PDF, 26 Mb). This is better downloaded and viewed in Adobe Reader than viewed in your browser. You will need a broadband internet connection. Alternatively you can view it as a Quicktime streaming movie. If you do not have Quicktime Player for Windows, you can download it here.

Another slideshow of a recent walk at Wold Newton.

Slideshow of a walk at Skidby, 2004

Flash presentation of a walk in the Humberhead Peatlands

Slideshow of The Peatlands Walk

Wharram Percy Walk 2005 pictures

Flash presentation of Walk from Brough, 2007

Flash presentation of Walk at Brigg and Wrawby, 2007

Slideshow of walk along the Louth Canal, July 2007

Qucktime movie slideshow of a Walk at Beverley in November 2007

Slideshow of a Walk from Louth to Raithby and Tathwell , August 2009

Slideshow/Movie of a Walk from Binbrook via Stainton-le-Vale, October 2009

Sldeshow of a Walk from Louth via South Elkington, May 2010

Beverley20 Walk, 2014 Two pictures

South Ormesby Walk, 2016


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